Things to know before getting a massage

What Is Your Purpose?

What is the purpose of getting a Massage requirements? Some people say its for pain relief. Some people say its for stress relief. And some people say its to relax. The answer is all of the above. However, wouldn’t you say that getting rid of pain and getting rid of stress would cause you to relax?

If your muscles are all tense and knotted up, doesn’t that cause you pain? And if those muscles got all tense and knotted up due to you overworking them or stressing them, doesn’t that still equate to pain?

And wouldn’t getting rid of the tension and knots in the muscle that is causing your pain release your stress? Furthermore, if you’re stress was released, wouldn’t that relax you? And wasn’t that your purpose in the first place for going for a massage? So my question is, why don’t more people understand this?

Not All Massage Is The Same

If you are seeking therapeutic massage, then you go to a more therapeutic spa. You seek a more therapeutic style therapist because you are seeking more of the health benefit; and that is what they specialize in.

Not all therapists do simply Swedish massage, in fact, some therapists rarely use Swedish in their style. Swedish massage is the most basic and commonly known style of massage. Its main purpose is to improve or increase circulation throughout body, which is very beneficial.

However, there are over 80 modalities of massage. That means there’s a lot to choose from and it means that there is a different purpose to each style of massage. Most of the time you won’t discover this fact if you go to a typical corporate owned or franchised spa. A corporate mindset will not necessarily understand or comprehend a healing mindset. In a corporate mindset it’s about quantity, whereas in a healing mindset it’s about quality.

women getting a massage

What Kind of Services Do You Need?

Therapists in these type of spas, are not as free to utilize their full style and knowledge as they might be in a smaller privately owned spa, or doing private therapy. Sometimes, more therapeutic massage services can be found in more medical or rehabilitative settings, and spas that specifically emphasize therapeutic services; or again, through private therapeutic massage services.

I emphasized that, because some people call massage therapists that have a private practice because they want services that are outside of both ethical and legal boundaries. That is not what we do. And none of us invested our time and hard earned money in our education, or to pay for a license for that purpose.

The massage therapists that are really going to benefit you the most, are the ones whose hearts are really into it; and for whom healing is their gift and passion. Are you going to run across massage therapists who are not truly passionate about massage? Absolutely! In fact I’d say at least 1 out of 10 massage therapists most likely will not be passionate about it.

However, it benefits you to keep looking beyond that. Don’t let 1 or 2 bad apples spoil the whole bunch. Once you find that one therapist that really puts their heart into it; and who is really concerned about relieving your pain, relieving your stress and making you feel better; you’re going to really know that the search was worth it.

Be open and extend some trust to the therapist in addressing the issues in your tissues that stress your body and cause you pain. Consider that with all the different modalities out there, there are going to be some styles that seem strange to you, and are different than you’ve ever experienced. Just be open to that and to the idea of trying something new that may be the key to releasing your pain.